The Magic TV

We developed a TV that can hide when not in use. All parts were custom manufactured and the mount was designed by BHT and Michael O'Kelly of OK Design. He is an ex-Disney imagineer and currently BHT's cabinet maker but he works in other mediums too. I'm gonna say 90% of the coolness is him.

The concrete pillar is a support pillar in a high rise and has what is called "post-tensioning" so no drilling deep holes into it.

We strapped the column with the two steel bands and some spacers to keep the two bands equidistant. This enabled us to be very secure with only some short screws to hold position during mounting.

The mount travels on four specialty wheels we ordered from Germany, super strong and durable but also very quiet, even against metal. They are angled in slightly to meet the circumference of the rail.

Those four wheels form a square that travels on the two steel rails to which is attached a Chief PAC400 rotation adapter. (This allows the TV to rotate from landscape to portrait.)

Just to make things fun, the window frames, which jut out a good 3 to 4 inches are within an inch at the top and bottom of the height of the TV to allow the TV to rotate far enough back to hide it. In other words, once fully rotated to hiding position the TV fits snuggly within the window recess.

The cables and power come up the back of the pillar in a cable covering called snakeskin. They are positioned so that when the TV is rotated the cable folds under its own weight.

All in all a very cool solution to a seemingly very tricky problem.

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