Custom Theaters

Los Angeles is known for the best theaters in the world—as the entertainment capital, there is a high standard for movie-going experience. We apply the expert engineering and design practices to reproduce this experience in your home. Our award-winning custom home theaters include the latest technology to ensure that quality meets the highest industry standards.
Professional-Grade Projector and Film Screen

A professional projector and screen together create the centerpiece of the home theater experience. With a large and vibrant picture, this re-creates the image that the filmmaker wanted you to see. Bring this experience home and be amazed.



Immersive Surround Sound
Music and sound effects are half of the home theater experience, and the best theaters in the world have outstanding surround sound. With thundering bass and astonishing clarity, the future of surround sound makes you believe that 'you are there'. Whether it is 5.1, 7.1, or even 11.2, your surround sound system will leave you breathless.
The 3D Experience
You have experienced it in the theaters, now bring this home for yourself in rich high-definition. We install the best 3D-capable equipment that makes movies pop right out of the screen. Whether you want a flat-panel television or aa projector/screen combination, we can help you and your family get the astonishing 3D experience you crave.
Custom Room Design
A luxury home theater system has each last detail planned to the last screw. Proper seating location, display elevations, and speaker locations all contribute to how you experience your entertainment. Our team of expert engineers take the dimensions of your room and specify the best products for the job. The result is a beautiful theater with the best of both worlds: aesthetics and performance.
Intuitive Touchpanel or iPad Control
One button press--this is all you will need to fire up your home theater system. Our custom-programmed touch panels make it easy you and your family to watch movies and listen to music. You can easily access your media server, watch Blu-Ray discs, or find all of your favorite channels. It’s that simple.
Precise Audio and Video Calibration
The best commercial theaters in the world have a secret touch: electrical and acoustical calibration. Now you can have your home theater calibrated to the same types of world-class standards. Our technicians are trained to use microphones and meters to optimize your theater to deliver the highest levels of performance. The result is a more vivid, realistic picture and sound that will simply blow you away.

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