Distributed Audio and Video

Today your media is woven into your life more than ever before. We work with you to connect your music and movies everywhere in your home.
Invisible Speakers with Immersive Sound
There is nothing better than hearing your favorite song everywhere in your home. With speaker seamlessly installed into the ceiling your home showcases an immersive experience. Now you can listen to music in your personal gym, your home office or throughout each room in your home at the same time.
Video Everywhere You Want It
The future of smart homes include video in every room. As you cook breakfast in the morning you can watch the latest news, when you are working in your gym you can watch Netflix, and when you are at your pool you can watch the big game. We provide you with thin, beautiful flat panel televisions in your media room, bedrooms, kitchen, and everywhere you want to watch video. Now you can watch DirecTV, Satellite, or local cable television whenever you want.
Media Servers for your Movie Collection
Have you ever wondered what to do with all of your Blu-Rays, DVD's and CD's? Now with a Media Server you can keep all of your favorite media in a secure digital vault. Access this server from any room in your home with the touch of a button. You can browse your favorite movies and music from an elegant interface on your iPad or touch panel. It's like having your whole media library at your fingertips. Once recorded, every one of your discs is in perfect condition, no more scratched movies or CD's that jump, no more missing discs, everything plays perfectly.
Your Favorite Online Services
You have experienced streaming music and movies on your personal computer with a small screen and headphones. Now you can integrate your favorite streaming digital media with your high-performance TV’s and speakers everywhere in your home. Watch video from sites like YouTube™, Netflix®, Hulu®, Amazon Prime®, and listen to music from sites like Pandora® and Rhapsody®. Experience the web like never before.
Motorized Lifts Hide Your Electronics
Sometimes the best electonics are the ones that are hidden from sight. Now you can hide your projector, television, speakers and more from sight when they are not in use. With the press of a button you can make a TV rise from a cabinet, a projector drop from the ceiling, or a screen appear from nowhere. It's the perfect solution when you want to maintain your room's aesthetics. Let us show you how.

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